Valuing the diversity of the greater Los Angeles region, incorporating culturally respectful and responsive practices, and learning foreign languages and cultures makes our learners compassionate, open-minded world citizens.


The innovative approach at iLEAD North Hollywood allows for many opportunities for learners to develop leadership skills and practice for a lifetime of listening, collaborating, inspiring, and leading.

Entrepreneurial Development

Encouraging learners to work in teams, take risks, and learn from failure, nurtures the ability to innovate and ignites their entrepreneurial spirit.  This year, we are proud to announce a new marketing and entrepreneurship curriculum developed with a former VP at Fox!


Building in opportunities for creating & exploring the world through the artistic experience, both through arts courses and arts integration, enhances all subject areas for our learners.

Design Thinking

Participating in project and inquiry-based learning leads to more meaningful experiences and a deeper understanding for our learners.  In the past academic year, learners engaged in complex projects that required them to put on trials concerning censorship in public schools, generate design solutions to Tsunami-prone areas of the world, design eco-friendly packaging that saved material while preserving volume and ergonomics, write, produce, record, and perform original music, develop a new food product that went through all the testing phases of the FDA (which led to some learners applying for patents), collaborate across disciplines to put on student-written plays, approach U.S. history from a thematic rather than chronological approach, and more!

Passive, lecture-based schools were created when the classroom consisted of four walls, rows of desks piled with textbooks, blackboards, chalk and a teacher who stood in front of the class pouring out facts and figures for restless, bored students to memorize, be tested on and quickly forget.

iLEAD Schools are based on a new paradigm: Project-Based Deeper Learning. At iLEAD North Hollywood we create rigorous learning environments that promote deeper understanding and celebrate independent critical thinking, cooperation and the development of crucial 21st century skills.

  • Collaboration & Sociability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Independence & Flexibility
  • Mastery of Technology
  • Confidence, Curiosity & Compassion
  • Communication & Creativity

iLEAD North Hollywood provides a deep and lasting educational experience that prepares your learner for higher education and lifelong success!