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Have a Learner-Related Issue? Here’s How We Operate

Parents, any time you have a question about any matter at NoHo that concerns your child, we ask you to please, please start with the facilitator in question (it’s only fair!).

(By the way, if you’re new, know that within all iLEAD Schools, “Facilitator” essentially means “Teacher,” and “Learner” means “Student.”)

  1. If you have an academic or classroom/coursework-based issue, always communicate via email with the facilitator first.
  2. If you still need extra input, the next point of contact is your child’s HQ (advisory) facilitator, who is essentially each NoHo’er’s homeroom head and chief problem solver.
  3. In the less-likely event no workable solution is put into play, you should communicate via email with Ms. Stephanie Riley, our school counselor, at stephanie.riley@ileadnoho.org.
  4. Michael Horne is your last resort. Please do not start with him…the preceding staff members are much better equipped to offer and implement solutions. Anne Cochran has other duties, thus is not a part of this problem-solving chain of command.
  5. Please honor this plan…it’s the only way we can each remain sane and do our very best jobs for you. If you skip these chain-of-command instructions, know that you will always be asked to start with the person who can most likely best help you in addressing your issue…and it almost always starts with the individual teacher.
  6. If you have a socio-emotional concern and not an academic one, please start with your child’s HQ teacher, who will make an initial determination as to how to best proceed.