You have made an important choice selecting iLEAD North Hollywood for your child’s education. It’s essential to recognize that iLEAD is a program of choice. Although we are a public school and available to everyone, ours is a hybrid independent study model, and should not be taken lightly. We are excited that you have made the choice to provide your child with the flexibility and options that iLEAD believes in, while making sure he/she is prepared and equipped for this unique educational environment where parents and learners are very actively involved in the child’s education.

New Family Orientation: Families are highly encouraged to attend the Orientation Session.  We will provide information on the time and location of the Orientation Session in the Events page.

Daily Instruction: The parent or legal guardian will work in partnership with teachers throughout the year. Learners are expected to participate in educational activities and to demonstrate continuous progress throughout the year. When issues arrive, parents must contact teachers before anyone else.

Monthly Work Samples: Learners will provide quality work samples to each of their teachers at least once each month to be filed in a digital work sample folder.

Ongoing Communication with Teacher: Teachers and parents are partners in the education of each child. It is critical to check your email account daily and respond to any emails or phone calls within two school days. Communication can take place via phone calls, a face-to-face meeting, online or an exchange of emails.  Students will receive an email address upon enrollment, but this account is for both students and parents.  The password to said account must be shared by students with parents.

Notification of Changes: Parents are required to notify the Registrar of any changes in contact information (address, phone number, etc.) as soon as possible.

School Materials and Property:  Parents need to instruct learners to care for and respect any materials purchased by the school for learner use and must return any non-consumable items in good condition after they have completed using them or when they withdraw from the school.

Annual Curriculum Return: At the end of each school year, parents will return any curricular non-consumable materials that are no longer being used.  If learners are not returning to iLEAD, they must return all non-consumable materials to the school within 3 days of withdrawing.