Welcome to iLEAD North Hollywood!

iLEAD North Hollywood is a new paradigm in hybrid Independent Study/Learning Studios instruction and guidance for the 21st century. Success in today’s world means being a leader, server, problem solver, creator, innovator, collaborator and critical thinker.  iLEAD North Hollywood is designed to meet the needs of highly motivated and committed families who choose an structured yet independent learning model for their children but also value free and open, ongoing access to highly qualified credentialed facilitators and an educational support system that believes in building innovative programs, developing 21st century skills, and engaging families and community.

iLEAD North Hollywood includes:
  • Tuition Free Public Charter Learning Studio
  • Rigorous and Progressive Academics through Project Based Learning
  • Extensive College Counseling
  • “Flipped Learning” Practices
  • Arts Integration
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Nationally Ranked Speech and Debate Program
  • Strong Connections to the Professional Writing Community through “Get Lit” Partnership
  • Fostering Creativity & Leadership Skills
  • Award-Winning and Credentialed Teaching Staff


iLEAD empowers learners to become conscientious, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world. In this process we inspire them to become creative thinkers and leaders, with a lifelong love of learning. We accomplish this through a rigorous, relevant, and attainable education program which blends elements of independent study, community experiences and connections to professional opportunities, and rigorous studio instruction based on the Common Core Standards. The iLEAD learning model promotes individualized instruction, active learning methods and opportunities for self-directed learning. We celebrate and foster each teen’s individuality, and support them in discovering their highest potential in the environment which best suits their learning needs. We believe each learner should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to achieve his or her fullest potential in preparation for college and the demands of the 21st century workplace.